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Welcome to Positive Power!!!

"Can You Feel the Powerrr"

Thank you for accepting our invitation for a live podcast interview. We are very humbled and honored to have you on our platform. 

The call-in number is (717)908-1834, 895455# or 410-733-8438 (studio) if you have any connection issues. We recommend dialing in at least 10-15 minutes early to ensure technical integrity.


“In addition, “PSC METRO or T-Mobile” won’t connect to this virtual studio; please make sure you connect to a strong Wi-Fi network and download the FCCHD (Free Conference Call HD) app with your smartphone or tablet. This app will modify your podcasting experience.”

  • Professional background

  • Personal Testimony

  • Area of Expertise (Ex. Content, Books, Training you’re known for)

  • Upcoming Events (Chance to self-promote)

  • Contact Information (Way(s) for listeners to connect with you)


TheWeekendChannel and Positive Power XXi Studios, LLC.

Our Digital Platforms

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